lunes, 12 de marzo de 2012

Holidays in Motorcycle
If you want a print or poster sized copy of any of the pictures then see the link to the printing house that can do this and ships worldwide. I have been to see them and they are a well established local English company and they will be using high resolution versions of these pictures without the copyright wording to produce really stunning prints. They can even print onto canvas. If the picture you like is not yet available from them then please email me and I can add it. -
I have been advised by many people to make the images smaller or at a lower resolution to deter people from pinching them, but I think this will detract from honest peoples enjoyment of the pictures so have left it as is for now. I have also been told how to block everyone from downloading the images, but have not yet done this as if someone wants a favourite one for a personal screen saver then I don’t mind – perhaps if you do take an image for personal use then please do donate something via the button at the bottom of the page. One image alone has been downloaded over 100,000 times! I expect the garages of the world to be decorated with these pictures!
If you want to use an image in the public domain, on a web site or for any commercial purposes then please email me to ask. And now back to the Trip ....
4th January 2012 - Sadly I may have to remove this web page soon as despite paying more for hosting this web page, my hosting company are trying to bill me for a further £819 for the traffic that this page receives, even though they said they would not charge more. Avoid Verio as a hosting company!
If you have enjoyed these pictures and this page then please consider making a donation to keep it alive, see below.
 Gracias a Gerard Rolland,socio de honor del AMCRE por haberla mostrado. Gracias Gonder.

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